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Praise for TAKE FIVE

Tad Richards invented this verse form, the “five-­four,­” and I included a couple of examples and a description of it in the fourth edition of The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, but as I read this collection I kept running across poems I wish I could have included as well. Tad is a fine poet, and this is a fine bunch of poems. I can’t imagine a reader who wouldn’t enjoy it.

–Lewis Turco, author of The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics

Richards’ Take Five is a snappy sequence of poems in syllabics ranging from a naked girl with white mittens in a winter window to the racetrack tout sheet with its single tip (“ten million / to one says earth doesn’t / get wiped out by / a supernova”)…from the poet’s muse, who will “yawn and / criticize my technique / remind me of / other lovers who / did it better,­” to the unforgettable redhead in “Choosing” who offers either a delectable ham sandwich or a blow job—not saying “whether the / beer in her right hand / . . .

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