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Nico the friendly monkey takes us on another adventure, and this time, he teaches us about the different ways you can travel. From ships and cars to buses and scooters, he tries them all and teaches your little ones the different modes of transport through fun rhymes. Bright, colourful illustrations, easy-­to-­read rhymes and fun adventures make this a book your child will want to read again and again. So take a trip with Nico and let your children enjoy the ride!

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Welcome to a world where fun, learning and adventure meet! Take your little ones on a trip with Nico, the friendly monkey, and watch them learn how to add and subtract with ease. Sums come alive with colourful illustrations, exciting adventures and easy-­to-­follow stories that will keep children occupied for hours. So join Nico, and let your children discover the joy of summing it up!

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