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When Ashton Wingate's enchanting bride Lierin was swallowed by a roaring river, he thought she was lost forever. Until he crashes into a woman with no memory, who looks exactly like his loving bride. When dark and dangerous Malcolm Sinclair comes to claim the woman as his wife Ashton will risk any peril to preserve their newfound passion.­A woman with no name and no memory...­The two men who claim her:­one with love, the other with fear...­A dazzling tale of secret passions--­and a love tragically lost and miraculously reborn--­by the incomparable storyteller.

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When British adventurer Colonel Tyrone Rycroft saves the life of bewitching countess Synnovea, he's drawn into a treacherous game of power, intrigue, and seduction that he may not survive. But Rycroft's desire for Synnovea will not let him escape to the safety of his own world. He must have her, no matter what the cost.­Forever In Your Embrace

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The stunning conclusion to the Birmingham Family Saga, begun in The Flame and the Flower and continued in The Elusive Flame. (All Kathleen E. Woodiwiss titles are available from PerfectBound.­)At last life can begin again for Raelynn Barrett. In the loving embrace of her new husband, the dashing American shipping magnate Jeff Birmingham, she can forget her painful past and the tragic, undeserved disgrace of her family. Jeff has brought passion into her heart once agin -- and each sweet, lingering kiss is a promise of a future rich in joy and sensual fulfillment.

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