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Her grandmother had told Bronwyn that she would find her destiny in the city-­the man she would love who's child she would bear. But is the man she's destined for Constantine, one of the last of the vampiric true bloods? Luke, a true blood of the lycan clan? Or the cat lord, Caleb? With all three determined to have her at whatever cost, can she run fast enough to find the destiny foretold to her? And does she really want to? Rating: CARNAL /erotica-­multiple sexual partners, graphic violence and sexual encounters, adult language and situations, sex between the heroine and a shifter in beast form.

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It was a 'routine' mission for the special ops squads that went terribly wrong. From the moment the parasites invaded them, they began to change into something frightening, fierce, and virtually unstoppable. The men knew they had only two options when they learned the order to terminate had come down from high command-­stay and die, or run. Taking Sylvie wasn't part of the plan. They wanted her boat. Unfortunately, ditching her wasn't an option. And yet the last thing they needed was the complication of a woman to slow them down, give away their position, and distract them into thinking with their dicks when they were already having a hard enough time taming the beast within them. Rating: carnal/erotica-­graphic violence and sexual encounters, multiple sexual partners, orgy-­type situation.

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As engrossed as Danika generally is in her work, even she notices the underlying hostility with which the locals in the small northwestern town regard her and her research. She notices the biker gang that arrives shortly behind her even more. With their long hair, tattoos, and piercings, the rough group of bikers aren't the sort of men she's ever had contact with-­and shouldn't want to have contact with-­but they don't seem to grasp that they're not her type and she isn't theirs. Rating: Carnal, multiple partners, adult situations and language.

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Abigail Winthrope was having a hard enough time adjusting to her new identity without the complication of discovering she'd landed next door to a pack of men that looked like they'd gather for a male model convention. She couldn't afford to become involved with any of the locals-­be they ever so attractive-­and, considering her last disastrous relationship, she really wasn't interested-­especially when she discovered the men gathered at the bed and breakfast next door for the Harvest Moon Festival all belonged to a motorcycle gang. She'd had enough experience with gangs and cops for a life time. Seth Banner, Cameron Fontaine, Adrian Paulson, and Jerico Collins aren't 'simply irresistible', however. From the moment she falls under their 'radar', they seem to be laboring under the belief that she belongs to them. Rating: Carnal, multiple partners, adult situations and language.

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As an electro-­kinetic high on the government's list of desirables, Shilo's been on the run ever since she escaped their clutches. What she doesn't realize is that her psychic gift is also the lure that draws lycans to her, that the 'scent' of her gift is many times more seductively potent to them even than the scent of one of their own females in heat.­In pursuit of a troublemaking rogue pack on his territory, when Dante, prime alpha, stumbles upon Shilo he finds her absolutely irresistible, despite the fact that she's human and forbidden to him according to lycan law. If she'd been lycan, he would've been certain she was the life mate he'd never thought to find. What he's to do with her, he has no idea, but he knows what he wants to do, and as soon as he discovers that, as a psychic, she isn't off limits, he and his pack are grimly determined to claim her for their own. Rating: Carnal, adult situations, adult language, and multiple sexual partners.­Genre: Paranormal Romance.

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Lucien, Damian, Kane, and Basil were genetically engineered to fight a battle on a distant world. They were from Earth, but not the one they found themselves on and they had no idea how to get home again or if it was even possible. They thought Laurie might just have the answers they were looking for, however. Unfortunately for Laurie, she wasn’t the woman they thought she was.

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