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Câu chuyện cổ điển về tình yêu ngang trái và tham vọng chiếm hữu, cuốn tiểu thuyết dữ dội và bí ẩn về Catherine Earnshaw, cô con gái nổi loạn của gia đình Earnshaw, với một gã đàn ông thô ráp và điên rồ mà cha cô mang về nhà rồi đặt tên là Heathcliff...

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Catherine and Heathcliff grow up together and fall in love. But after Catherine breaks Heathcliff’s heart, he obsesses about her and decides to take revenge on everyone he hates.

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Set in Yorkshire during the time of the Luddite unrest—a labor movement that began in 1811-­1812 in an effort to protect the interests of the working class—the novel consists of two narrative strands woven together, one involving the struggles of workers against mill owners, and the other involving the romantic entanglements of the two heroines.

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Explore this wonderfully put together e-­book designed specifically for Kindle format by our team.

Includes the major works of the Brontë sisters as well as the lesser known ones. Also includes the beautiful poetry collection by the Brontë sisters as well as poems and two sermons by their father Patrick Brontë. Included is an in-­depth biography which give a glimpse into the life of Charlotte and her sisters.

The format of this e-­book is designed to be easily navigational in three ways; you can navigate by a simple click from chapter to chapter or from book to book. There is also a table of contents per book and one global table of contents.

This e-­book features:
• Jane Eyre - by Charlotte Brontë
• The Professor - by Charlotte Brontë
• Villette - by Charlotte Brontë
• Albion and Marina - by Charlotte Brontë
• Stancliffe’s Hotel - by Charlotte Brontë
• Mina Laury - by Charlotte Brontë
• The Story of Willie Ellin - by Charlotte Brontë
• Shirley - by Charlotte Brontë
• Emma . . .

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Un hombre llamado Lockwood llega a la finca Cumbres Borrascosas para conocer al señor Heathcliff, su casero, que le ha alquilado una villa cercana, la Granja de Tordos. El recibimiento no puede ser más frío. En la casa viven también la nuera de Heathcliff, Catherine, y el joven Hareton Earnshaw. Los tres personajes le parecen a Lockwood incomprensiblemente toscos y amargados.

La señora Dean, que sirve a Lockwood en la Granja de los Tordos y cuidó de ellos cuando eran niños, le cuenta la historia de las dos familias que viven en la zona, los Linton y los Earnshaw. El señor Earnshaw, dueño de Cumbres Borrascosas, trajo un día a su casa a Heathcliff, un niño abandonado, para criarlo como suyo. Los hijos de Earnshaw recibieron con extrañeza a Heathcliff . Con el tiempo, la hija, Catherine, se hizo buena amiga de él, pero el hijo mayor, Hindley, lo detestaba y no perdía ocasión de humillarlo.

Años después, los padres de Catherine y Hindley mueren. Hindley se casa con una mujer . . .

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