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Baltimore Banners defenseman Randy Michaels has a reputation for hard-­hitting, on and off the ice. But he's getting older, and his agent has warned that there are younger, less-­expensive players who are eager to take his place on the team. Can his hare-­brained idea of becoming a "respectable businessman" turn his reputation around, or has Randy's reputation really cost him the chance of having his contract renewed?­Alyssa Harris has one goal in mind: make the restaurant she's opened with her three friends a success. It's not going to be easy, not when the restaurant is a themed sports bar geared towards women. It's going to be even more difficult because their sole investor is Randy Michaels, her friend's drool-­worthy brother who has his own ideas about what makes an interesting menu.­Will the mismatched pair be able to find a compromise as things heat up, both on and off the ice? Or will their differences result in a penalty that cost both of them the game?

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Valerie Michaels knows all about life, responsibility--­and hockey. After all, her brother is a defenseman for the Baltimore Banners. The last thing she needs--­or wants--­is to get tangled up with one of her brother's teammates. She doesn't have time, not when running The Maypole is her top priority. She opened the popular sports bar and restaurant two years ago and has been busy ever since. Maybe too busy. Could that be the reason she's suddenly drawn to the troubled Justin Tome? Or is it because she senses something deeper inside him, something she thinks she can fix?
On the surface, Justin Tome has it all: a successful career with the Banners, money, fame. But he's been on a downward spiral the last few months. He's become more withdrawn, his game has gone downhill, and he's been partying too much. He thinks it's nothing more than what's expected of him, nothing more than once again failing to meet expectations and never quite measuring up. Then he starts dating Val and . . .

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