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Eve has been in love with her boss, Nick, for the entire time she's been his personal assistant. But he's never noticed her. Because of previous mishaps at other jobs, Eve chooses to hide herself with dowdy clothing, over-­sized glasses and an unflattering hairstyle. When her girlfriends confront her with the fact that she's not dating, Eve realizes she has to deal with her attraction to Nick and get him out of her system. One kiss, that's all she wants. Operation Stealth Elf is born. Eve attends her company's Christmas costume party as a very sexy, naughty elf. She catches Nick's attention and gets way more than a kiss. Before the clock strikes midnight, Eve escapes into the night, leaving her panties behind. The following week at work, Nick stuns her when he asks for her help in finding his naughty elf. Short of having every woman in his company try on the red lace panties that Eve left behind, he'll stop at nothing to discover the elf's true identity.

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