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Out with the old, in with the new, and on with the party! Maybe it's just another midnight...­or maybe there really is magic in the air when December 31st becomes January 1st, and confetti kisses and champagne toasts kick off a new year, a new romance, a new look, a new attitude. Celebrate the start of something new with In One Year and Out the Other...­a sparkling collection of all new stories by today's rising fiction stars: Cara Lockwood puts self-­improvement to the test with 528 resolutions -- not least of which is "Do not sleep with married men" -- in "Resolved: A New Year's Resolution List"...­Pamela Redmond Satran instructs a single mom in the fine art of partying like the boys (have lots of sex, don't worry that you're too fat) in "How to Start the New Year Like a Guy"...­Diane Stingley shows a twentysomething why there's more to life than waiting by the phone for a New Year's date in "Expecting a Call"...­Megan McAndrew seizes the day -- or just a very special one-­night stand . . .

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