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On the magnificent and dangerous world of Vaylian, eight races once lived across the Grand Continent, each practicing and perfecting their own preferred use of the Arcane for thousands of years. Then there came a terrible enemy, and innumerable hordes laid waste to all they encountered. The war was long and bloody, and the peoples of Vaylian were almost destroyed. But at last, the Vaylians triumphed, and the enemy was thought to be vanquished. Sadly, the war left only a small area of the world inhabitable, and it was there that the City was built. Six hundred years from that day, every facet of life in the City is built around the Arcane, the magic of Vaylian, whether it is used to build homes, grow food, heal the sick, or even compete in contests of Arcane ability. In this harsh society ruled by Castes of Mages, those with Arcane Potential have power and privilege, while those who do not are forgotten or exploited. Now, that same unrelenting enemy seeks to return. Through guile . . .

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