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Employed for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes, breast implants are one of the most widely-­used and controversial prostheses available. The development of safe, reliable products is vital to the future of this important field of surgery. Biomaterials in plastic surgery reviews the history, materials and safety issues associated with breast implants.­Beginning with an introduction to the history of biomaterials used for breast augmentation, Biomaterials in plastic surgery goes on to discuss development issues. It then discusses the chemistry and physical properties of biomedical silicones before reviewing cohesive gel and polyurethane foam implants. The book concludes by analysing the epidemiological evidence on the safety issues relating to breast implants, followed by a review of retrieval and analysis of breast implants emphasizing strength, durability and failure mechanisms.­With its distinguished editors and international team of expert contributors, Biomaterials in . . .

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Books of H Brandon, K L Jerina, V L Young, W Peters C Wolf