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1 books of Janet van Hell, Jelle Jolles, Jeroen van Merrienboer, Kathleen Jenks, Sarah Manlove, Tamara van Gog, Theo van Leeuwen, Ton de de Jong Annemarie Boschloo

This volume presents a short review study of the potential relationships between cognitive neuroscience and educational science. Conducted by order of the Dutch Programme Council for Educational Research of the Netherlands Organization for Scienti c Research (NWO; cf. the American NSF), the review aims to identify: (1) how educational principles, mechanisms, and theories could be extended or re ned based on ndings from cognitive neuroscience, and (2) which neuroscience prin- ples, mechanisms, or theories may have implications for educational research and could lead to new interdisciplinary research ventures. The contents should be seen as the outcome of the ‘Explorations in Learning and the Brain’ project. In this project, we started with a ‘quick scan’ of the lite- ture that formed the input for an expert workshop that was held in Amsterdam on March 10–11,­2008. This expert workshopidenti ed additional relevant themesand issues that helped us to update the ‘quick scan’ into this . . .

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