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Here are some sexy scary stories of all sorts of residents of the Paranormal World--­those who are just visiting, and those who are desperately trying to find the door out. Monsters, ghosts, vampires and werewolves will introduce you to the dark side of erotica. Enjoy. But keep the lights on. (Warning: these are for adults only and feature explicit erotic scenes that are so hot they just might melt your E-­Reader. All characters are over 18, especially the vampires.­) Misty’s Story (Ghost Erotica) by Skye Eagleday and Brett Pugmire It's 1975 and The House of Massati has the finest working girls (and boys) this side of Bangkok. Dolly is the fifth generation owner. But while elegant, the haunted House holds many dark secrets that include visitations from Dolly’s dead father.  Daddy dearest. He was a hard man—in many ways—and had established the House Rules some had difficulty following. Tonight will bring a stunning resolution for the residents of the Dollhouse. Bride of the Beast by . . .

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Books of Brett Pugmire, Carl East, Elixa Everett, Jessi...