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This book provides the busy clinician with a quick, symptom-­based guide to the clinical presentation, diagnosis, work-­up, and management of the most common types of movement disorders encountered in clinical practice, including Parkinson's disease, chorea, dystonia, myoclonus, and ataxia. Written in expanded outline format, with frequent diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms, tables, and scales, it is an essential guide for clinicians faced with patients with movement disorders.­A Practical Approach to Movement Disorders is a welcome departure from the typical lengthy, disease-­based hardbound texts ill suited for the busy clinician. Practical yet authoritative, this fit-­in-­your-­coat-­pocket guide begins with a comprehensive description of the different presentations of movement disorders. It then details the medical, surgical, and non-­pharmacological approaches, including speech and swallowing therapy and physical and occupational therapy.­Key features include: Symptom-­based, rather . . .

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