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Letters To My Readers - MaryJanice DavidsonSix people are missing from a mystery weekend, and aspiring mystery writer Caro Swenson is on the case with a hot-­but-­possibly homicidal hunk who seems to want to get his hands on Caro's...­clues. Single White Dead Guy - Amy GarveyLanie Burke spent one insanely hot night with Mr. Drop-­Dead Gorgeous. Now he's just dead on the steps of her cabin. What to do with the body? Hopefully, she can get some help from the cute guy with groceries tromping through the snow toward her... Fast Boys - Jennifer ApodacaHow did Tess Collins get caught up in a sleazy tabloid reporter's bid to get the dirt on NASCAR's pin-­up boy, Ark Underwood? How did the jerk reporter end up dead on Underwood's hotel room floor? How is Tess going to save Ark's reputation? Or say no to his every desire? Three Men And A Body - Nancy J. CohenReality show contestant Heather Payne's assignment is simple: get a bed-­and-­breakfast in Winter Park up and running within seven days. . . .

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