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Just as a rock climber’s handhold enables him to master the mountain, a firm grasp on God’s Word empowers us to traverse the challenging, risky slopes of life. Grasping God’s Word helps college students, beginning seminary students, and other serious readers get a grip on the solid rock of Scripture---­how to read it, how to interpret it, and how to apply it. Filling the gap between approaches that are too simple and others that are too technical, this book starts by equipping readers with general principles of interpretation, then moves on to apply those principles to specific genres and contexts. Features include: * Proven in classrooms across the country * Hands-­on exercises to guide students through the interpretation process * Emphasis on real-­life application * Supplemented by a website for professors providing extensive teaching materials * Accompanying workbook (sold separately) This third edition includes updated illustrations, appendices, bibliography, and assignments, . . .

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