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“Life well said” is BlogHer’s mantra, and you’ll see what they mean when you read this collection from the BlogHer 2012 Voices of the YearBlogHer is a unique media company created by women, for women, and—most importantly—with women, women like those whose voices you’ll read in this collection. Each year, BlogHer—the largest network of women who blog—hosts an initiative to identify the very best work from across the blogosphere. Submitted by the community, selected by a committee, and presented at the world’s largest blogging conference, the pieces presented here have it all because women live it all—online and off. Humor. Inspiration. Food. Family. Style. Sex. Politics. Tech. Career. Dreams.. BlogHer’s Voices of the Year reminds us of the transformative power of blogs to connect us all via powerful storytelling.

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Books of Alex Asher Sears, Alexandra Rosas Schultze,...