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1 books of Bishop John J. Leibrecht, Christopher C. Kelly, David Rusk, Kathleen Dolan Seipel, Kathleen Maas Weigert, Monika K. Hellwig, Patrick J. Hayes, Rev. Robert J. Vitillo, S. J. Massaro, S. M. J. Palacios, Steven M. Rodenborn, Todd David Whitmore, William P. Bolan Alexia K. Kelley

In a time when the global and national economies seem to favor so few and harm so many, when the threats to the common good are so prevalent and so deep, how do people of faith think about these issues and act with those who are most vulnerable? Living the Catholic Social Tradition: Cases and Commentary addresses these challenges through contemporary theory and research conducted within the framework of the rich Catholic social tradition. Co-­editors Kathleen Maas Weigert and Alexia Kelley combine four essays from leading scholars with eight concrete case studies based on community social justice projects across the country. This unique combination of theory and reflective practice provides university students and adult learners with a framework for understanding the Catholic social tradition and a demonstration of its positive social impact on the people it serves. The reader first learns about the challenges facing Catholic universities in educating the current generation about . . .

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