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Punch Among the Planets is presented here as a high quality classic work by Various written in the English language. Throughout the book has old style black and white illustrations which brings the story to life! Punch or The London Charivari, was an old famous illustrated magazine of humour, which was founded by journalists Henry Mayhew, Joseph Stirling Coyne, and Mark Lemon in 1841. Punch Among the Planets was taken from the Christmas edition of 1890 magazine. "The Old Year was fast nearing its close, the night was clear and starry, and Father Time, from the top of his observatory tower, was taking a last look round. To him entered, unannounced save by the staccato yap of the faithful Tobias, Time's unfailing friend, unerring Mentor, and immortal contemporary, Mr. Punch.­"I am not for an age, but for All Time,­" freely quoted the Swan's sole parallel. "And very much at Time's service,­" he added, throwing open his fur-­lined "Immensikoff,­" and lighting a cigar at the . . .

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The Olive Lamming Creative Writing Competition is an annual literary competition held in memory of the late Dr Olive Lamming, who was an active member of the Isle of Man Literary Society for many years. The competition dates back to 1972 when the then President of the Society, Mr R G Morton, donated a sum of money to establish a foundation to enable a literary competition to be held in perpetuity.

This year, as part of the ongoing development of the Competition, the Society is publishing all the entries submitted. Inside these covers you will find a variety of writing from a number of authors – everything from a long narrative poem to a science fiction short story to an account of a volunteer’s day at Noble’s Hospital.

The Isle of Man Literary Society would like to thank the Isle of Man Arts Council for their support of the Competition and Ramsey Crookall for their sponsorship of this publication.

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This classic edition of Christmas stories is written in the English language. Show casing eleven classic stories. This collection of eleven classic Christmas novels include Shakespeares Christmas Gift to Queen Bess, Christian Gellerts Last Christmas, Christmas Holidays at Merryvale, Two Christmas Celebrations, The Potato Child & Others, The Goblins Christmas, Christmas Sunshine, Man in his Element, Nibsys Christmas, Old Peabody Pew, The Lost Word. All of the books have been written by great authors such as Anna Benneson McMahan, Berthold Auerbach, Alice Hale Burnett, Charles J. Woodbury, Elizabeth Anderson, Henery Van Dyke, Jacob Riis. Just to name a few. Some books in the collection also have illustrations by Alexander Sharp, Charles F. Lester and others. The Books in this Classic Collection have exciting story-­lines that allow you to feel the joys of Christmas time. With all the different types of stories in this collection such as poetry, short sorties, fiction and non-­fiction . . .

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