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Automotive Amigo: The book that instantly makes you a better negotiator! Automotive Amigo is the world's first consumer friendly pricing guide for a auto dealerships finance department. The book will help guide and instruct you thru a often complicated and confusing process. Automotive Amigo will give you a detailed description of the products that are offered in the finance department. Each section will tell you: * What the product is * A detailed product description * When you can purchase the product * Why you might need the product * Product pros and cons * Where you can purchase the product from * How much to pay for these products Automotive Amigo will provide you with: * A blue print to success * A clear path on how to navigate in the finance office at a dealership * We are going to teach you information that you can apply NOW that will help you save both time and money. * We will provide you with unique, groundbreaking and valuable information in a easy to understand . . .

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