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On a dark street, what began as a private moment between a citizen and the police became a national outrage.­Rodney Glen King grew up in the Altadena Pasadena section of Los Angeles with four siblings, a loving mother, and an alcoholic father. Soon young Rodney followed in Dad's stumbling steps, beginning a lifetime of alcohol abuse.­King had been drinking the night of March 3, 1991, when he engaged in a high-­speed chase with the LAPD, who finally pulled him over. What happened next shocked the nation. A group of officers brutally beat King with their metal batons, Tasered and kicked him into submission—all caught on videotape by a nearby resident. The infamous Rodney King Incident was born when this first instance of citizen surveillance revealed a shocking moment of police brutality, a horrific scene that stunned and riveted the nation via the evening news. Racial tensions long smoldering in L.­A. ignited into a firestorm thirteen months later when four white officers were . . .

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Books of Rodney King Lawrence J. Spagnola