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Would you like to raise almost perfect kids?­Family therapist and parent Gregory Popcak and his wife, Lisa, are back with their second edition of Parenting with Grace: The Catholic Parents' Guide to Raising almost Perfect Kids. This latest updated version continues to guide parents through each stage of child development, from infancy through adolescence, offering additional age-­specific advice on "parenting with grace.­"Practical, faithful, and humorous, Parenting with Grace will help you discover:­Seven factors that make Catholic parents unique.­How to C.­A.­R.­E. enough to parent your very bestPractical, faith-­filled solutions to common problems of every childhood stage -- sleep problems, tantrums, faith issues, childhood fears, dating, dealing with technology and media, and much, much more!­This book's uniquely Catholic approach to parenting combines vigorous relational advice with careful theology and plenty of good humor.­" -- Publishers Weekly

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Books of Lisa Popcak Gregory Popcak