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Crystal Manning tells her story of that fateful day, August 1, 2007, the day the I-­35W Bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, MN. In her book, Conversations With Crystal The Woman Who Fell Off the Bridge, co-­authored with B.­P. Storm, she tells how she was saved from death in the Mississippi River, by her fiancee, Michael Stoner, Jr., only to see him immediately charged with child abuse of her daughter. The book reveals the events as they unfolded when her life was shattered that day in 2007. Conversations With Crystal tells not only a personal memoir of tragedy, it also tells a national story of a Justice System that has lost it's moral compass, and a media more interested in profits than facts. A tale of corruption, lies and deceit. A story of irresponsible corporate influence and the damage it does. A journey to the dark side of America and back. An uncompromising true story of redemption, where the inevitable forces of change will focus on what has been brought to light when Crystal . . .

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