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1 books of Harlan Ellison, Post Mortem Press Gary A. Braunbeck

Jamais Vu - The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar brings you the best in dark fiction, poetry, factual morsels, criticism, and more. ISSUE ONE - WINTER 2014 FICTION "Photo Captions" - Gary Braunbeck "Video Nasties" - Max Booth III "Another Friendly Day In the Antique Trade" - Adam-­Troy Castro "Bait" - Michael Kelly "Another Pleasant Valley Sunday" - by Jessica McHugh "The Hydra Wife" - Sandra Odell "Shiva" - Cameron Suey POETRY "The Moors" - Marge Simon. "Death of the Crossing Guard" - Bruce Boston. "Eventually, You Become Immune" - Stephanie Wytovich "Procrastination's Joy" - Matt Moore. FEATURE ARTICLES "I Had a Thought Today...­" Harlan Ellison "The Strange & Uncanny In DOCTOR WHO" - Paul F. Cockburn. "The Medium As the Mirror" - Lydia Peever* "Twisting Our Values: Culture & the Medium That Shapes It" - KT Jayne.­* * Point-­counterpoint special to this issue. FILM REVIEWS "Only God Forgives" - Jessica Dwyer "Antiviral" - Adam Shaftoe. "Spider Baby" - William D. Carl. "Let's . . .

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Books of Harlan Ellison, Post Mortem Press Gary A. Braunbeck