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According to President Bush, ôthe American people are saferö as a result of invading Iraq. True, Saddam Hussein has been removed from power. But al Qaeda, the group that planned and carried out the attacks on September 11, remains at large. Meanwhile, the White House has conceded that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks.­Charles Pe?­a argues that the war in Iraq is but one misstep in the Bush administrationÆs ôglobal war on terror.­ö Terrorism is simply a tactic, however, not an enemy. Trying to eradicate it is a quixotic quest that does not focus on those responsible for 9/11. Instead, the national security strategy should consist of three central elements: establishing homeland security against further attacks; dismantling the al Qaeda terrorist network; and enacting a foreign policy that does not attract new al Qaeda terrorists.­This approach requires restructuring U.­S. forces and ending Cold Warûera commitments that distract from the current, pressing threat. It . . .

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