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Ireland Co Clare I wrote this book Ghosts of Kilrush to tell the story of a young boy who to all sense and purposes was abandoned by his father, left in Kilrush on the West Coast of Ireland with total strangers. Joe Riley never saw his father again for 12 years until he returned unannounced one day; he was a total stranger to me. The book was written to thank the family who cared for me and to the memory of all those beautiful people in the town. People who helped shape my character and my life for better or for worse. I have over the years looked back to try to answer the question "why was I left in Kilrush and separated from my real family" This is a question that has haunted me throughout the years of my life and I have never really found an answer and maybe there is no answer, it just happened. I have received countless letters and e-­mails asking "what happened to Joe Riley when he left Ireland" In an attempt to answer this question I have re written the book. Within the . . .

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