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1 books of Ashley Mercer, Benjamin Hale, Bronislaw Szerszynski, Christopher J. Preston, Clare Palmer, Dane Scott, Forrest Clingerman, Holly Jean Buck, Konrad Ott, Kyle Powys Whyte, Maialen Galarraga, Marion Hourdequin, Patrick Taylor Smith, Ronald Sandler, Wylie Carr Albert Borgmann

Engineering the Climate: The Ethics of Solar Radiation Management discusses the ethical issues associated with deliberately engineering a cooler climate to combat global warming. Climate engineering (also known as geoengineering) has recently experienced a surge of interest given the growing likelihood that the global community will fail to limit the temperature increases associated with greenhouse gases to safe levels. Deliberate manipulation of solar radiation to combat climate change is an exciting and hopeful technical prospect, promising great benefits to those who are in line to suffer most through climate change. At the same time, the prospect of geoengineering creates huge controversy. Taking intentional control of earth’s climate would be an unprecedented step in environmental management, raising a number of difficult ethical questions. One particular form of geoengineering, solar radiation management (SRM), is known to be relatively cheap and capable of bringing down . . .

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