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Perhaps no one has ever been such a survivor as álvar Nez Cabeza de Vaca. Member of a 600-­man expedition sent out from Spain to colonize "La Florida" in 1527, he survived a failed exploration of the west coast of Florida, an open-­boat crossing of the Gulf of Mexico, shipwreck on the Texas coast, six years of captivity among native peoples, and an arduous, overland journey in which he and the three other remaining survivors of the original expedition walked some 1,­500 miles from the central Texas coast to the Gulf of California, then another 1,­300 miles to Mexico City. The story of Cabeza de Vaca has been told many times, beginning with his own account, Relacin de los naufragios, which was included and amplified in Gonzalo Fernando de Oviedo y Váldez's Historia general de las Indias. Yet the route taken by Cabeza de Vaca and his companions remains the subject of enduring controversy. In this book, Alex D. Krieger correlates the accounts in these two primary sources with his own . . .

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