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1 books of Ann M Gill, Craig Smith, Dale Herbeck, David J Vergobbi, Donald Fishman, Douglas M Fraleigh, Edward C. Brewer, Franklyn S Haiman, John S Gossett, Joseph J Hemmer, Joseph S Tuman, Juliet Dee, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Nicholas F Burnett, Richard A. Parker, Stephen A Smith, Susan J. Balter-Reitz, Warren Sandmann, Wilfred R Tremblay Andrew H Utterback

Describes landmark free speech decisions of the Supreme Court while highlighting the issues of language, rhetoric, and communication that underlie them. At the intersection of communication and First Amendment law reside two significant questions: What is the speech we ought to protect, and why should we protect it? The 20 scholars of legal communication whose essays are gathered in this volume propose various answers to these questions, but their essays share an abiding concern with a constitutional guarantee of free speech and its symbiotic relationship with communication practices. Free Speech on Trial fills a gap between textbooks that summarize First Amendment law and books that analyze case law and legal theory. These essays explore questions regarding the significance of unregulated speech in a marketplace of goods and ideas, the limits of offensive language and obscenity as expression, the power of symbols, and consequences of restraint prior to publication versus the . . .

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Books of Ann M Gill, Craig Smith, Dale Herbeck, David J...