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1 books of Bengisu Peker, Christina Pisano, Danielle Shallow, Ed Morlock, Evrick Brown, Gregory Smithsimon, Jennifer Candipan, Jerome Krase, Judith DeSena, Kenneth A. Gould, Lorna Mason, Mark Peterson, Mark Treskon, Nicole Riorda, Noel S. Anderson, Phyllis Conn, Roberta Cordeau, Sara Martucci, Shanna Farrell, Steve Lang, Tammy L. Lewis, Timothy Shortell, William DiFazio Alessandro Busà

The World in Brooklyn: Gentrification, Immigration, and Ethnic Politics in a Global City, is a collection of scholarly papers which analyze demographic, social, political, and economic trends that are occurring in Brooklyn. Brooklyn, as the context, reflects global forces while also contributing to them. The idea for this volume developed as the editors discovered a group of scholars from different disciplines and various universities studying Brooklyn. Brooklyn has always been legendary and has more recently regained its stature as a much sought after place to live, work and have fun. Popular folklore has it that most U.­S. residents trace their family origins to Brooklyn. It is presently referred to as one of the “hippest” places in New York. Thus, this book is a collection of demographic, ethnographic, and comparative studies which focus on urban dynamics in Brooklyn. The chapters investigate issues of social class, urban development, immigration, race, ethnicity and politics . . .

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