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A mother and daughter go to an Indian resort and casino. Little did they know that the tribe had chosen them as the dreamer (conduit) and dream catcher (seer) many years before in an attempt to stop the most heinous identical twin criminals like this world has ever experienced. The twins are identical in looks, have above genius IQ’s, and complete disregard for human life, but are opposite in every other way. The ritual completes with a few unforeseen side effects and these two women become a crime fighting duo, putting serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, and random murderers behind bars by becoming one with the criminals in every way. Then tragedy strikes. The mother is killed and the brother takes her place as the dream catcher. The brother is not stable and has a drug habit and one of the psychopathic twins is getting to him by psychically maneuvering inside his head. While this is happening, the other vicious twin is falling in love with the sister and wants her to himself. . . .

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