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While superfoods have entered the health food conversation in recent years, most people are unaware that many of the most powerful foods on the planet hail from the Andes region—and now, for the first time ever, they are now widely available in the United States. Not only are these foods teeming with healing effects, they are also packed with flavor, transforming ordinary, everyday healthy meals into something extraordinary.­Peruvian Power Foods introduces the top superfoods and their myriad health benefits, with more than 75 recipes from the Andes to the Amazon, a growing gastronomical hotspot for chefs and gourmands the world over. With recipes for breakfasts and smoothies, on the fly snacks, plus sublime suppers and decadent desserts, anyone from the fitness-­minded to foodies can easily incorporate these nutrient- and antioxidant-­rich foods into their daily lives. Tempt your taste buds without ruining your waistline with: * Weekend waffles with maca, an anti-­inflammatory, . . .

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Books of Manuel CSSD Jamie Shaw