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Clair is a retired lady living in Mesquite, Nevada. She was brought up in the organized, yet loving "Mormon" religious home, taught to her by her parents & even Victorian ways. She tried to adhere to all the "strict" teachings for most of her life, marries and goes through many hardships while raising her children. Sometimes experiencing emotional and physical abuse, living in a co-­dependent home. She tries to rise above everything, maintaining, keeping the typical LDS home. In the process, however, she is raped, even becomes promiscuous & regressive for a time. Then because of stress and the death of her husband, her kidneys fail and she receives a kidney transplant, and starts having Near Death Experiences and starts to channel messages to clients. She then evolves into the Metaphysical Realm that she has been studying for some time. Embracing more spirituality and teaching and helping society by doing readings and trying mainly to inspire women to survive and not give up. . . .

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