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1 books of Cita Cook, David L. Anderson, Gerald L. Smith, James C. Klotter, John David Smith, John Ed Pearce, Kathryn W. Kemp, Margaret Ripley Wolfe, Paul K. Conkin, Rebecca Sharpless, S. Spencer Davis, William J. Marshall Christopher Waldrep

In The Human Tradition in the New South, historian James C. Klotter brings together twelve biographical essays that explore the region's political, economic, and social development since the Civil War. Like all books in this series, these essays chronicle the lives of ordinary Americans whose lives and contributions help to highlight the great transformations that occurred in the South. With profiles ranging from Winnie Davis to Dizzy Dean, from Ralph David Abernathy to Harland Sanders, The Human Tradition in the New South brings to life this dynamic and vibrant region and is an excellent resource for courses in Southern history, race relations, social history, and the American history survey.

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Books of Cita Cook, David L. Anderson, Gerald L. Smith,...