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An Xcite Books collection of five historical erotic short stories with mixed themes including m/f, cross-­dressing, BDSM, female domination, female submission, m/m and f/f. La Contessa’s Game by Slave Nano Renowned for her cruelty and for the bizarre sexual tasks she uses her household servants for La Contessa’s reputation is well established in 18th century Venice. Made to dress as an elegant Venetian noblewoman her male servant is paraded through the canals and alleyways of the city for an encounter with Francesca, an enthusiastic courtesan, in which both are party to her twisted and perverted game. The Raid by Kitty Mouser During the latter years of World War Two, a young couple are preparing for married life together: they have a home and she is pregnant with their first child, but neither is in any rush to marry quite yet. They are busy enjoying the strange freedom of sex during pregnancy – there’s no need to worry about being able to pull out quickly when she’s already . . .

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