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The Dangerous Dozen---­heroes who make danger sexy... These alpha male heroes know how to protect their women—and how to love them. This romantic suspense boxed set stars TWELVE smoking hot heroes in TWELVE full-­length novels by TWELVE bestselling authors. To Catch Her Man by Charity Pineiro, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Investigative reporter Sylvia Amenabar must decide between friendship, love and discovering the truth behind a cop's murder… Undercover detective Carlos Ramirez nearly lost his life protecting Sylvia, but he knows it'll be a fight to reach her heart. . . Can they learn to trust one another and find out the truth about a failed assignment that nearly killed Carlos? Or will the secrets of the past and family issues cost them the things they hold most dear. I'll Be Watching You by Tina Wainscott, New York Times Bestselling Author. Ten years ago, Kim left her steamy Everglades town under a cloud of murder and scandal.  Her gran brings her back to . . .

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