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The enduring saga of Mormonism is its great trek across the plains, and understanding that trek was the life work of Stanley B. Kimball, master of Mormon trails. This final work, a collaboration he began and which was completed after his death in 2003 by his photographer-­writer wife, Violet, explores that movement westward as a social history, with the Mormons moving as villages on wheels. Set in the broader context of transcontinental migration to Oregon and California, the Mormon trek spanned twenty-­two years, moved approximately 54,­700 individuals, many of them in family groups, and left about 7,­000 graves at the trailside. Like a true social history, this fascinating account in fourteen chapters explores both the routines of the trailcooking, cleaning, laundry, dealing with bodily functionsand the dramatic moments: encountering Indians and stampeding buffalo, giving birth, losing loved ones to death, dealing with rage and injustice, but also offering succor, kindliness, and . . .

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