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Rectal Cancer: International Perspectives on Multimodality Management is a timely analysis of the diagnosis, staging, pathology, and therapy of cancer of the rectum. This book is intended as a useful resource for physicians, scientists, medical students, and allied health personnel in the disciplines of radiology, gastroenterology, surgical oncology, medical onc- ogy, radiation oncology, and pathology. Renowned contributors from different medical d- ciplines have written their chapters in a thoughtful, provocative, and visual fashion. Importantly, these chapters highlight the controversies in the diagnostic, staging, and the- peutic management of patients with rectal cancer while providing practical management recommendations. This book is divided into 18 chapters. Early chapters address the diagnosis and staging of rectal cancer, highlighting the critical role of contemporary imaging in guiding treatment. The remaining chapters focus on the multimodality management of rectal . . .

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