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1 books of Barry Markovsky, Brent Simpson, Bruce Buena de Mesquita, David G. Wagner, David R. Heise, David Willer, Douglas D. Heckathorn, Gerald Marwell, Guillermina Jasso, Henry Walker, Immanuel Wallerstein, Jack A. Goldstone, James D. Morrow, John D. McCarthy, John Skvoretz, Joseph Berger, Mayer N. Zald, Michael Lovaglia, Morris Zelditch, Morris Zelditch Jr., Pamela E. Oliver, Peter M. Blau, Randolph Siverson, Robb Willer, Ronald L. Jepperson, Shane Thye, Thomas J. Fararo Alastair Smith

Written by eminent sociologists, this book introduces and assesses some of the most influential, recent sociological theories. Each chapter explains the theory and describes a related program of empirical research. Chapters are authored by the actual founders (and/or leading exponents) of these theoretical programs; many chapters contain a description of the inception, growth, and present status of the theoretical program. The book covers a broad range of sociological concerns, from the investigation of power and status processes, to social movements and revolutions, to organizational and institutional structures, to world system analysis. Accessibly written for a wide sociological audience, this book is an invaluable introduction for undergraduates and graduates to sociology's most important theoretical advances.

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