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Replete with photographs, “TALES, OBSERVATIONS & NOTES: BOB AN ACTOR’S MENTOR” is a fascinating, informative and educational journey into New York’s cultural, quirky and serendipitous world of acting and directing. Compellingly, through Bob, we meet the irascible Stanley Kubrick, just prior to his making “2001: A Space Odyssey”. We learn how the brilliant film auteur manipulated all those he encountered, including Bob, in order to achieve his goals. The reader also discovers Bob’s origins as a dedicated mime and actor. Then, through a series of uninhibited and intimate interviews with selected students, the reader learns about Bob’s techniques and artistic impulses as a beloved, inspiring and nurturing acting teacher. Finally and most invaluable to any student of acting and lover of the craft, there are the notes: a priceless guide for anyone, but especially for those endeavoring to hone their craft, technique and knowledge of the seriously entertainingly world of not-­so make . . .

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Books of Susan Doukas Brady Robert Austin Brady