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1 books of D. Eliezer, D. L. Zhang, E. M. Taleff, E. S. D. Chen, F. H. Froes, L. Lu, R. R. Boyer C. M. Ward-Close

These proceedings examine the most recent advances and best practices in structural materials selection, design, and manufacturing for producing affordable components, with a focus on titanium, aluminum, and other advanced metallic materials. This volume discusses melting, casting, powder metallurgy, forging, forming, extrusion, and machining, as well as processing advances, innovative processing techniques, process modeling and materials by design, and new alloys, as well as related processing-­microstructure-­properties-­performance-­cost studies. This book can be purchased either on CD-­ROM, or portable document format (PDF). PDF and CD-­ROM books can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program on Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and other systems. Access Acrobat Reader through the TMS Document Center at http:­//doc.­tms.­org. PDF and CD-­ROM books are completely text-­searchable, allowing users to locate important information quickly by typing in key words.­A collection of papers from . . .

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Books of D. Eliezer, D. L. Zhang, E. M. Taleff, E. S. D....