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1 books of M.A. Ellis; Dawn Halliday; Allyson James; Alexa Silver; Patrick Silver; Tielle St. Clare; N.J. Walters

Enlightening Lucinda by M.­A. EllisLucinda is on a quest to regain a sexually explicit journal confiscated by her late husbands partner, Gideon. It contains information she plans to explorewith Gideon himself. The man has never refused her requests. Until now. But if he wont enlighten her, Lucinda threatens to find someone who will…Mating Run by Tielle St. ClareWhen Cat loses a bet, she has to participate in her Packs Mating Runan archaic tradition to match strong males with clever females. She isnt prepared when two males catch her. Devon and Trejean have haunted her fantasies for months and now they tell her she doesnt have to choose between them. Theyre willing to share.­Midnight Seduction by Dawn HallidayLacey is terrible in bed. A fact confirmed by her ex when she caught him with another woman. Now Laceys dating her boss, the scrumptiously sexy Kyle Turner, but every time he touches her, she panics. She needs help, and shell get it from Kylewhos not even aware of his ability . . .

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Books of M.­A. Ellis; Dawn Halliday; Allyson James; Alexa...