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They make their own rules. They obey no one and they have no interest in allowing a woman to change them. They are the men you've always been warned about. They certainly have no interest in love or relationships, but they do want to control you - body and mind. They have complete disregard for your feelings and yet possess irresistible charm; they are the very definition of an alpha male.  And they will make you swoon.  Terry Towers writing as Elixa Everett (NYT/USAT bestselling author) – I Conjure Thee (Paranormal Romance)  What would you do to save your child? For Clarissa the answer is simple... Anything  Skye Eagleday (NYT/USAT bestselling author) – Sex Research (Contemporary Romance)  University Professor and Researcher Dr. Jacob Desmet is conducting the most extensive study ever done on Human Sexuality. Shauna, his new assistant, will accompany him interviewing couples--­including a BDSM Billionaire and his beautiful submissive-- who will introduce her to a larger (and more . . .

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Books of Elixa Everett, Savannah Reardon Aya Fukunishi