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Tina Marie Floyd-­Howell was born December 1, 1980 in Dothan, Alabama. Tina was raised in a good, stable household, but unfortunately for her, the affairs of life didn’t come without some traumatic experiences with some bumps and bruises along the way. During her adolescent years, Tina is reminiscent of having to struggle and fight her way through in order to survive at certain seasons of her life, accepting the unforeseeable challenges that came which seemed almost impossible to overcome. There were times where her struggles were so overwhelming that she couldn’t see the end of the tunnel and had concluded within herself that they wouldn’t come to an end, only to fi nd herself being taken under with a longer and greater, heart-­gripping struggle to face head on. By nature of  character, Tina is a seeress, or naturally born with a prophetic element in her character from birth, having a special, second-­sight of earthly things happening through revelatory dreams and visions given, . . .

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