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‘A Christmas Tree Fairy’ is a poetry book by Lizzie Mack and Robert Ellice Mack which was originally published in 1888. These nice poems and beautiful illustrations will help you and your family to feel the Christmas spirit. Reading this book together with your children will bring fun and happiness to your home during the Christmas Eve. The ‘Animedia Company’ e-­book edition contains colorful illustrations, which were carefully restored by a publisher.   The other "Christmas for children" series e-­books from "Animedia Company": A Christmas Hamper - http:­//www.­kobobooks.­com/ebook/A-­Christmas-­Hamper/book-­lz9bPIatckCygXHl7QLyuQ/page1.­html?­s=NpMXlHBXWkymRnFfXoHYZg&r=1 A Christmas fairy - http:­//www.­kobobooks.­com/ebook/A-­Christmas-­fairy/book-­1RHV0lvorkeIYA6cRhZ8bQ/page1.­html?­s=Gq5jy-­65GE-­20l9Z5nIxRQ&r=2 A Snow Baby - Merry rhymes for pleasant times - http:­//www.­kobobooks.­com/ebook/A-­Snow-­Baby/book-­L1BcloVjxUiq_­fyImADoJA/page1.­html?­s=NpMXlHBXWkymRnFfXoHYZg&r=8 A Christmas morning - . . .

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