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Country-­girl Chessie Gibson’s always been a giver. Billionaire Theo Courant’s always been a player. Since childhood, the two have irritated the heck out of each other. Only when Theo breaks both wrists and ankles in a snowboarding accident, Chessie’s asked to care for her family friend. But being stuck with egotistical Theo in her Meadowview farmhouse is most definitely not her idea of fun.
Theo sees Chessie as part pin-­up girl, part hippie-­chick—nothing like the models and social climbers he’s used to dating. She’s gorgeous and luscious, but he’s never made a move on his best friend’s younger sister. The two of them are opposite in almost every way imaginable. But wow—is she ever hot!
But when Theo and Chessie end up stuck together for weeks, they come to know each other in ways neither thought possible. Seeing a different side of Theo—he’s not exactly the frivolous playboy he seems—Chessie finds herself unable to resist the temptation to try a “friends with benefits” situation. . . .

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Years ago, Sadie Courant had been the frizzy-­haired twerp next door. Now she’s drop-­dead gorgeous and has, well...­uh...­breasts. It’s no wonder Broadway director Ethan Sawyer doesn’t recognize his best friend’s little sister when he sees her again.
Sadie has been in love with Ethan since she was in braces. So when he fails to recognize her at the bachelor auction she’s organized, she flips. Sure, she looks a little different now, what with the boobs and a little help from a flat iron, but really?
Deciding she needs to get the man out of her system, Sadie negotiates a way for Ethan to make up for his mistake: a one-­night stand. She figures after they do the deed, he’ll head back to New York and she’ll finally be able to let go. But when Ethan has to move back to the small town of Meadowview and work side-­by-­side with Sadie, she realizes she couldn’t be more wrong about the letting go part of her plan. Because Ethan has and always will be…forever the one.

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Every bad girl has a great story.
Formerly known as the “town slut,­” Liz Pritchard has a fantastic opportunity to ditch her less-­than-­stellar reputation and become Elizabeth Picard, primped and perfect socialite, by marrying a man she doesn’t love. To complete the transformation, though, she must return to her hometown to sell her childhood home. But when the only man who'd ever held her heart shows up in Meadowview, he opens the door to doubt…because erasing her past means erasing everything that was once in her heart…including Hunter.
Fourteen years earlier, Hunter Thorne had loved Lizzie Pritchard. But when he thought she’d gone behind his back and hurt him, he’d lashed out and broken both their hearts. Now a wildfire fighter, back in Meadowview, he realizes he wants more than forgiveness from Liz. Unlike him, however, Liz wants only to look to the future—a future devoid of love.
Like an out-­of-­control forest fire, passion and love build to raging flames within, and Hunter . . .

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Art photographer Mac Johns moved to the small town of Meadowview to reinvigorate his artistic career. And he’s finally found his muse—the gorgeous and amazingly sexy woman with whom he just had a one-­night-­stand. Trudy Prendergast is a former model whose career in high fashion tanked after nude photographs of her were publically insulted. In a really bad case of mistaken identity, Trudy signs a contract with Mac, thinking she’d be modeling for his sculptor father. Whoops!
When passion heats up between them again, Mac lets Trudy out of the contract, unwilling to risk her career even though his photographs of her could put him back on the map as one of the world’s best art photographers.
Finding someone who could see Trudy for her true self once seemed impossible. But Mac seems to see her—to truly see her beauty, inside and out. And when Trudy discovers what Mac has given up to protect her, she’s suddenly torn between two options: lose the lucrative contract she’s been working so . . .

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When Lia Sawyer realizes she’s ready to move beyond her abusive past and start dating again, there’s just one problem: she’s still afraid of being touched by a man. Because of that, rumor around town is that she’s frigid. Her solution? Ask her friend Jack Gibson for help. After all, he’s one of her best friends—a man she’s always trusted.
Jack fell in love with his best friend’s younger sister years ago, although he kept that to himself when she married her high school boyfriend. But Lia’s been a widow for two years now and it’s time he asked her out. Only when she comes to him with a bizarre request—give her lessons on how to be touched by a man so she can date one of Meadowview’s hot firefighters—his entire plan is thwarted.
Reluctantly, Jack agrees to Lia’s plan but secretly creates one of his own: during the course of their “lessons,­” he’ll make sure she falls in love—with him. But it will take fire and ice to break through Lia’s emotional barriers, and Jack is running out of time…

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