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Rosalee Bennett comes to the town of Rose after inheriting the house of a grandmother she never knew. Things don’t exactly get off to a good start when she runs into the infuriating but sexy Alpha in the local grocery store and then gets in the middle of an argument in the local pizza parlour. Not that it matters, she’s not planning on staying in the sleepy little town. Adam Grey, Alpha of the pack, never has trouble with women. They all practically fall at his feet, until Rosalee... He doesn’t exactly make a great first impression, which is even more frustrating when he actually realises what his wolf was trying to tell him – she’s his mate. The Alpha struggles to think of a way to woo his sparky little mate. However when she wakes to find a burglar prowling in her house thankfully there’s a very determined wolf on hand to literally burst through her door to protect her... Can the Alpha convince his mate to stay with him? Can he keep her safe long enough to even make that . . .

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Wolfs and witches don’t mix. So what happens when a wolf and a witch are true mates?­Alec Hart, Sheriff of Rose, Virginia and Beta to the Grey Wolf Pack never expected to find a mate. His own angry nature meant that he avoided relationships at all costs, not wanting to tie any woman to a violent wolf. But when he gets a whiff the sweet vanilla scent of his mate he’s powerless to resist...­Sweet young plump witch Livia Briers never thought she would ever have a shot with the handsome older wolf, instead choosing to lust after him from afar. But drawn together by the disappearance of a local witch can she really keep her hands off him?­Can a witch and a wolf find happiness together? Or will the prejudices of others tear them apart? Warning! Contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­) Naughty Beta... 

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Melanie Ramirez is on the run. For three years the little witch has been stalked by a vampire who just won’t take no for an answer. She needed to disappear. Which is why she changed her name to Melody James and showed up one day in the small town of Rose. All she needs to do was lay low, go unnoticed and live quietly. Not an easy task when faced with a wolf who excites and irritates her in equal measure...­Hans Lucas is infamous in his pack for two things; hating witches and being the most aggressive wolf around. He doesn’t like other people and they don’t like him. Wolves and humans alike know not to mess with him. Even family members are wary of him. So then why does the newest witch in town purposefully choose to rile him? Why does it bother him so much that his better looking, younger brother has taken a shine to her? And why should he care that she’s lying about her past?­Will Melanie be able to escape her past and will Hans accept her as his mate? Warning! Contains scenes of . . .

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Terri Lin, human, librarian. Following a devastating heart break Terri came to the town of Rose to start over. Not wanting to suffer the same heartache she dated younger men who like her just wanted a bit fun. She thought her latest young wolf would be just the same. He’s handsome and charming, but also childish and inconsiderate. She knows he’s still young and wouldn’t want to be tied down. So why does she yearn for more?­Mal Tanner, wolf, Enforcer. He never expected to find his mate so early in life and yet from the moment he met the curvy little librarian he was smitten. Can he convince his mate that he’s the right wolf for her? Can he show her that he wants them to be together forever?­Or is someone else vying for her affection? Someone else who thinks dead birds nailed to her front door make a heartfelt gift... Warning! Contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­) Naughty librarian... 

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Unlucky in love pack Omega Carly Finlay is thrilled to be opening her cake shop. At least one thing in her life is going well, the less said about her love-­life, the better. However, after being dragged to attend a cage fight the little Omega is momentarily elated to scent her mate, but that soon sours after she comes face to face with a horny, seven foot, cage fighting, Kodiak bear shifter. Cain Moran is overjoyed to meet his little she-­wolf mate, he just wishes it could have been under better circumstances. When his skittish mate hightails it, he chases after her, determined that she will accept him as her mate. However, Cain will also have to contend with his biggest fan, groupies and his manager, who are less than thrilled at him for dropping everything for the little wolf. Can he woo his sensitive mate and prove he is the mate she deserves? Can he cope with her Omega abilities and get over the fact that the pack will always have a claim on her? Can Carly come to terms with . . .

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Having just turned 30, and after a disappointing foray into online dating, Valentine Daniels find herself single with only the company of a disdainful cat who won’t show her any love no matter how much she begs. But, with a sudden promotion, she finds herself in a small town in Virginia filled with shifters and an infuriatingly handsome sheriff who alternately annoys and arouses her. Finally, things are looking up!­Or at least they would be, if it weren’t for all the problems with the hotel Valentine is trying to get built. Or the creepy guy she went on one disastrous date with and now won’t leave her alone. And just why is she suddenly mistaken for a shifter?­Wolf shifter Jake Foreman quit working for the Supernatural Enforcers Agency and moved to Rose for a quiet life. He just didn’t bank on a fiery little human rolling into town and sending his perfectly ordered world upside down.­With vandals trying to ruin the hotel, a potential stalker and strange compulsion to say the word . . .

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