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For Casey Shaw, a night of drinking at O’Neill’s was a pretty regular occurrence. But when he literally bumps into the woman of his dreams, a sexy, little bobcat shifter, the night is anything but ordinary. There's just one problem - the delectable bobcat skipped out on him before he could even get her name. He wants nothing more than to see her again, and as his thoughts and dreams are increasingly dominated by her, he starts to suspect just how important she is. Deanna Hardison went to O’Neill’s to let loose. To enjoy one night of celebrating before returning to the responsibilities of her job as a Sheriff’s Deputy and taking care of her family. She didn’t expect to meet a dreamy wolf shifter and completely lose her inhibitions, nor did she expect just how much her bobcat would pine for him afterwards. When they are finally reunited, Casey is thrilled to have his luscious bobcat back, but Deanna has a few reservations… She has trouble trying to come to terms with Casey’s past . . .

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Life was pretty straightforward for Cutter, a wolf shifter and an agent for the Supernatural Enforcers Agency – solve cases, attend anger management classes and avoid the attentions of a cute but tenacious hedgehog shifter. That is until his old partner is murdered, and a witness from a former case goes missing. Now, Cutter finds himself the prime suspect and with nowhere else to turn but to the one person he knows won’t betray him. Curvy hedgehog shifter Lucie has spent a year chasing the commitment phobic wolf, and is she downhearted that he still runs in the opposite direction when he sees her coming? You bet your sweet patootie she isn’t! He may be playing hard to get, but she’ll wear him down yet. But, before she can say nutty fudgkins, Lucie comes home to find her wolf, naked and bleeding all over her couch, and Lucie, in spite of his howling objections, is determined to help him solve his case. While working shoulder to, uh, shoulder, can Lucie convince him that she’s the . . .

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These are two collections of short stories about the characters from my series of novellas – Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas. They are available to read for free on my website, but are being released here for anyone who wishes to have them on their reading device too. The stories are all just quick peeks into the lives of the characters that have cropped up in Books 1 – 9 of the series. Christmas for the Wolves – Stories take place after Book 7 In the first collection, the stories take place in and around Christmas. Terri spends her first family Christmas with Mal’s family and has a little bit of news for her mate. Hans finds that spending Christmas in his childhood home, and in bunkbeds, is much more fun with his mate, Melanie. Rosalee takes her gruff, Alpha mate to a spa – (he’s adamant that real men don’t go to spas). Andy gets a very unwelcome, and bitter, visitor but then a nice surprise from his mate. Liv and Alec realize that compromising isn’t so bad. Don and Kayleigh jet . . .

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Logan Bordeaux. Bear shifter. Bounty hunter with a past he’d rather forget. 33.
The huge bear shifter was thrilled to meet his true mate… six months ago. He was less thrilled at the fact that his delicious little mate won’t bond with him or tell her family about him. But, he’s determined to be patient and wait as long as it takes. Mia Blau. Rabbit shifter. Office manager and reluctant daddy’s girl. 24.
The little rabbit just has to avoid her father’s determined attempts to push her into an arranged marriage and then she’s free to be with the bear she loves. He’s everything she wants, except… she wishes he wasn’t so darn secretive about his past. He really couldn’t tell her anything that would make her love him any less, so what the heck is his problem? But, everything comes to a head when a woman from Logan’s past turns up, and the huge bear soon finds himself unable to conceal his less than glorious past from the one person he wanted to protect from it. Now, he has to deal . . .

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Jackson Carr. Wolf shifter. Bounty hunter.
Jackson had a pretty good life. He hunted and chased people down and got paid for doing it! Admittedly life wasn’t perfect. He still smoked too much, and jobs didn’t come through regularly enough for his liking, and there was that thing about him never being allowed back to his pack for being too violent... but otherwise things were good. So why the hell did he feel so damn restless all of a sudden? Maybe it had something to do with his latest job, just looking at the picture of the cute little fox shifter set his wolf prancing around like a puppy. Carly Columbo. Fox shifter. On the run.
Up until a few weeks ago life had been straight forward. Go to work, come home, go to bar, get tipsy, complain about lack of sex life and then go home to bed. Repeat. It had been a little monotonous, and she had constantly wished for a little excitement to shake things up but she hadn’t really imagined that would entail finding herself waking up next . . .

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Ling Ma. Red panda shifter. Currently unemployed... it’s complicated. 28.
After Ling is dumped (under humiliating circumstances), and then unceremoniously fired, she finds her life really isn’t going in the right direction. While unsuccessfully trying to avoid her mother’s attempts to set her up on blind dates, she gives in to her best friend’s nagging, and takes a temporary job at the Blau Bail Bond Agency. Things could only get better, right? Marcus Blau. Boa constrictor shifter. Owner of Blau Bail Bond Agency. 42.
After being kicked out of his Den and losing his wife, the snake spent years persuading himself that he didn’t need anyone. He was determined to stand on his own two feet and stay alone forever. But, when a certain curvy red panda shifter walks through his door, all that goes to hell. However, the course of true love never did run smoothly... While Marcus is on the trail of a particularly slippery camel shifter, Ling has to contend with her mother, who is less than . . .

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Stone. Rhinoceros shifter. Bounty hunter, personal trainer and fighter – shifter of many talents. 32. Stone feels blessed. He isn’t the handsomest shifter out there or the smartest, and he definitely isn’t rich - but he’s one lucky son of a rhino. He loves his jobs and when it comes to the ladies, well, you know, he only has to smile and they swoon. Things just get better when he meets a certain flamingo shifter with the prettiest smile and the sweetest curves he’s ever seen. Course, things aren’t exactly straightforward and after a mountain lion shifter – currently stalking him - scares his flamingo away, he fears he may have lost her. Francine Sweeting. Flamingo shifter. Actress, or at least she tries. 30.­After an audition goes slightly wrong – there was some light stabbing and damage to property – Francine finds herself under arrest for attempted murder before her flamingo can even squawk ‘not guilty’. And trying to take her mind off her predicament with a sexy rhino shifter . . .

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