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Delilah Mackenzie Grey, or Mac as she insists on being called, because quite frankly she hates Delilah. So much... The young wolf has just come home from years away at University, she’s unsure whether she can fit back in with her pack, unsure whether it was the right decision to come home at all. But on the way back she comes face to face with her true mate, a bear shifter no less, and it seems like she made the right choice after all except... Just one little problem – he’s married.

Andy Harper has always been a good guy. Honourable, dependable, kind, selfless... He’s always helping others, giving to others, so isn’t it about time he took something for himself?

Age 30 the bear shifter finds himself in a loveless marriage to a she-­bear. He never regretted his decision to marry Esther, he did it to save her from a much worse fate. But then he met his mate... The little wolf ignites desires he never even thought he had. Could he really bring himself to leave Esther to face . . .

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They’re alive!

More than a month has passed since Kylie and Luc faced a wannabe megalomaniac intent on using gargoyles as his own personal army, and they are more in love than ever. They have begun awakening the gargoyles from their thousand-­year slumber, and now four more gargoyles have now joined their new clan. Among them, an aging warrior with a newfound love of TV, a shy, damaged female, a male they keep locked in the basement – it’s for the best – and a young male, Amalric.

While Amalric mourns the loss of his old life – and butts horns with his new clan chief as often as possible – he realizes the true loneliness of being one of only five gargoyles alive in the world. As he contemplates the possibility of taking a mate, he finds that fate may just have a surprise for him – and he has the bite marks to prove it.

But, the danger facing the newly reawakened gargoyles is not over. They face new enemies who wish to use the gargoyles for their own machinations, and they’re . . .

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Fired from his job at the Supernatural Enforcers Agency due to his short fuse, Zane Matthews starts his own detective agency. Mostly it’s cheating spouses, with a little bit of underwear theft, and Zane spends his days trying to learn how to control his anger and get back into the SEA. But that changes when the beautiful and kind Sky Danvers walks into his office. She thinks she’s being stalked, and his howling bear will do anything to protect her. Even if it involves attending yoga classes and eating tofu.
But rare species are going missing across the country, and Sky is the rarest of them all. Can he save her, learn how to control his temper and prove he’s the man she needs?

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For Gerry Sanders, a python shifter and director at the Supernatural Enforcers Agency, work was the most important thing in his life. Right up until an adorable little squirrel shifter runs right into his life equipped with mistletoe and a singing reindeer sweater. He wants her, his beast wants her more. But there’s one problem – other than the huge age gap and the fact that he is technically her boss – he’s married. He’s stuck in an arranged marriage to a python shifter who can’t stand him. But with an expiration date on their unhappily married life, can he hold onto his squirrel shifter before she realizes that she can do better than a miserable, middle-­aged snake shifter?
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While the SEA encounters cases of revenge . . .

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