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"Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak meets Kathy Reichs' Virals.­" —bookseller Jill Moore, Square Books Jr. New York Times bestselling author CJ Lyons makes her YA debut with a taut, riveting thriller hailed as "an intense page-­turner" by April Henry, bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die. WOULD YOU PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE TO BE NORMAL? Diagnosed with a rare and untreatable heart condition, Scarlet has come to terms with the fact that she's going to die. Literally of a broken heart. It could be tomorrow, or it could be next year. But the clock is ticking... All Scarlet asks is for a chance to attend high school—even if just for a week-­a chance to be just like everyone else. But Scarlet can feel her heart beating out of control with each slammed locker and vicious taunt. Is this normal? Really? Yet there's more going on than she knows. And finding out the truth might just kill Scarlet before her heart does... Praise for CJ Lyons: "A great thriller-­action packed, . . .

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CJ Lyons' romantic thrillers have been described as "the perfect blend of romance and suspense" by New York Times Bestseller Sandra Brown. TOP PICK! "This story is so fast paced with so many mesmerizing characters, "fantastic" is not high enough praise. Lyons proves once again that she is a master of suspense and nontraditional romance.­" ~RT Book ReviewsWhen her husband and son are murdered, she thought she'd lost it all. But for Sarah Durandt the nightmare is just beginning... Sarah has just witnessed the execution of the man who confessed to killing her husband and son, among others. She leaves with no closure as the killer has refused her repeated requests to reveal the site of her family's graves. Sarah returns home to her small town of Hopewell in the Adirondacks Mountains and vows to search until she finds Sam and Josh.­Her hunt leads her to a trail of lies and unearths a new killer. In a race to save everything she holds dear, Sarah is forced to place her faith in the man . . .

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Series : Book 3 of "Shadow Ops"
The Special Threats Response Team hunts terrorists out of the reach of conventional law enforcement.

Their leader, Rose Prospero has already faced her own worst fear: five years ago she was captured and tortured when the CIA abandoned her behind enemy lines. Since then, she's focused her energies on protecting her Team and her country from monsters like the man who captured her. The Team and the job come first, last, always for Rose, leaving no room for love.

Former Delta, Billy "Edge" Price is Rose's second-­in-­command and her best friend. Suave, skilled, and a smooth operator, Billy loves his job--­and his boss. He can't have both, so he's settled for using his position to stay close to Rose.

As they face enemies from without and within, on the run from anyone who could help them, Rose and Billy learn each other's deepest secrets, face their greatest fears, and sacrifice everything for Team, Country...­and Love.

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Series : Book 1 of "Shadow Ops"
Going undercover, playing the part of a disgraced former Marine, is easy for Chase Westin--­until a Christmas Eve mission takes him back to his hometown and face to face with his estranged brother.

When KC, an undercover FBI agent, flies into Chase's life with her Doc Martens, purple, punk-­rock hair, and Hollywood-­hype leather and chains, Chase realizes that falling in love is more dangerous than catching bullets.

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After surviving her serial killer father, Morgan Ames has her first chance at a life without killing. Until temptation crosses her path as she's working at an anonymous call center and realizes someone there is playing vigilante...­and getting away with murder.­Morgan's fascinated, unable to look away as the killer grows bolder. Only Morgan sees the pattern, only Morgan has any idea the vigilante exists, and they're never going to stop killing—­unless Morgan stops them.­But should Morgan accept that sometimes the only way to get justice is outside of the law? Should she join forces with the vigilante and return to her old life of murder and mayhem? Or risk her new life trying to stop them?

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Series : Book 2 of "Shadow Ops"
A West Virginia mountain, the middle of a blizzard, killers on his trail...­no place for a city boy like Lucky Cavanaugh, an ATF explosives specialist. Out-­manned, out-­gunned and shot, he takes Forest Service Wildlife Biologist Vinnie Ryan hostage until he convinces her that he's one of the good guys.

Vinnie heals not only his injuries but also his broken heart. But when they uncover a terrorist plot, Lucky is forced to choose between duty and passion, risking the life of the woman he loves in order to save the lives of thousands.

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The third Angels of Mercy novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Blind Faith .
Angels of Mercy Hospital charge nurse Nora Halloran has been living with a painful secret for two long years. But when a coworker is brutally assaulted and killed, she knows she can no longer remain silent. Determined to unmask the murderer, Nora teams up with her friends—Lydia, an ER attending doctor with a secret of her own; Gina, the once-­cocky resident struggling to strike a balance between her family and her job; and Amanda, the med student caught between her conscience and her career.
As the victim count grows, Nora must face her deepest fears and reveal all her secrets to save the man she loves, and stop a killer from striking again.
Urgent Care includes a teaser for the fourth Angels of Mercy novel, Critical Condition .

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CJ Lyons, que ha aparecido en las listas de los más vendidos del New York Times, ha sido elogiada como "maestra en su género” (Pittsburgh Magazine) por sus thrillers románticos.
Únase a CJ, que da vida ahora a una nueva serie sexy, llena de diversión y adrenalina: Operaciones en la Sombra.
Siguiendo a un grupo de agentes encubiertos, hombres y mujeres que arriesgan sus vidas para proteger a nuestro país... pero, ¿estarán dispuestos a arriesgar también sus corazones?
PERDIDOS ENTRE SOMBRAS (segundo volumen de la serie Operaciones en la Sombra):
Las montañas de Virginia Occidental, en medio de una ventisca, con asesinos siguiéndole la pista... no son el lugar adecuado para un chico de ciudad como Lucky Cavanaugh, un especialista en explosivos de la ATF. El enemigo le supera en número y en armas, y además está herido. Toma como rehén a la bióloga del Servicio Forestal Vinnie Ryan hasta que logra convencerla de que él es uno de los buenos.
Vinnie no sólo le cura las heridas de . . .

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