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Leaving her past behind, Eve Hudson, embarks on student life. Determined to take control of her life and move on from her turbulent past,­Eve strictly orders no drama, no bullshit and definitely no relationships.
That was until she met deep and moody Jax Cooper, The vocalist for local band 'Room 103'.
Jax is arrogant and egotistical, an alpha male straight through to his core, but so damn hot, and Eve soon finds his relentless pursuit of her, harder and harder to resist.
But both hold tortured souls and secrets, secrets that could blow their whole lives apart...­literally.
Except sometimes it's not secrets or damaged spirits that threaten their relationship...­it's life itself.
Eve soon finds out that if you're going through hell, then the only way out the other side, is to just keep going.
This book contains explicit sex scenes, strong language and lot's of heartache. And of course...­one hell of an alpha male.

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